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From 1st of January 2019 the Social Insurance contributions and deductions are as follows:



Holiday fund percentage depends from the business of the company. Generally the office related business pay 8% holiday fund, the construction industry 9%, and the tourist related business 11%.

All calculations are based to the gross salary of the employees and the maximum salary on which social insurance contributions are calculated is €54,396 per year (€1046 per week for weekly employees and €4.533 per month for monthly employees)

The payments for the employee’s social insurance contributions are on monthly basis.


Social Insurance for self-employees divided into occupation categories. For each occupation category there is determined minimum income on which Social Insurance contributions are calculated.  If the income of self-employee is lower or higher than the determined category income then the self-employee raises an objection and requests to pay according to his actual income.  In addition, for the self-employees also take affect the maximum income salary, which is €1.046 per week.

Social Insurance Contributions

and Deductions

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