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Payroll &

Companies are responsible to meet all necessary criteria and responsibilities concerning their  employees in Cyprus. Our team can assist and ensure the completeness of the Payroll. Also, we handle all Payroll requirements relating to the Labour Department and Tax Office.​

Our Payroll covers the following legislations:​

Employment Contract or Relationship Laws of 2000 and 2007

Organisation of Working Time Laws of 2002 and 2007

Protection of Wages Law of 2007

The Fixed-Term Work Laws of 2003 and 2007

The Part-time Work Laws of 2002 to 2007

Maternity Protection Law

Redundancy Law

Termination of Employment Law

GHS Healthcare services and contributions

Employers must also take account of the following EU Directives in respect of employment in Cyprus:

Working Time Directive (WTD)

Data Protection Directive

Acquired Rights Directive

Payroll Outsourcing is becoming the preferred way of handling payroll functions within the corporate world. A company can achieve the following by Payroll outsourcing:

The current company employees have no access to Payroll figures

The accounts department (if in the company’s premises) knows only the monthly payment for the Payroll (employee’s salaries, social insurance and PAYEE is one amount)

We deliver payslips to employees based on the system we agree with the management. We have the ability to send payslips to employees through encrypted emails

Only the person in charge in the company is aware of exact figures.

We keep all records for the auditors and produce all necessary documents for each employee every year

The service includes payroll preparation both on a weekly and a monthly basis. Our payroll department prepares the payroll on fully computerised multi-currency systems, simplifying the administration of your business to your benefit.

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